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5 New Year’s Golf Resolutions

5 New Year’s Golf Resolutions

December 28, 2017

So, the new year is almost here. It’s finally time for you to make that resolution to hit the gym a little more or stop eating so late at night. But we know that we probably won’t follow through with those resolutions. So, we’ve created a list of resolutions for all of our fellow golfers to follow heading into the new year.

Play More Golf

    This one is pretty obvious. Hit the course more often. Do it all; play a few holes after work, chip in the backyard or play 36. Whatever you do just make sure you have a club in your hand because it’s more than a game, it’s a lifestyle. Live it.

    Walk More Often

    Look, I’m a golfer who loves to always ride on a cart. It (usually) speeds up the game, and it helps me conserve energy for all the swings I’ll be taking throughout the round. But, it’s not always how the game should be played. Walking is a lost art. Walking takes us back to the roots of the game.  Walking allows us to truly see the full beauty of a golf course. So, let’s make a pact; let’s walk alllmosttt as much as we ride.

    Plan More Golf Trips

    So maybe you live in a state where you can’t golf year-round. If you’re a true golfer, this kills you every time Winter sneaks up. So, planning a golf trip or two in those cold, snowy, golf-less Winter months is crucial to keep a golfer sane. Heck, put a 7 iron in my hand and send me anywhere warm and I’ll be happy.

    More Blue Views

    Let’s face it. Location and topography can make or break a course pretty easily. Even if the course is in terrible conditions, seeing a body of water makes everything better. Play a course on the water and it will hands down be one of your favorite courses.

    Never Run Out of the Essentials

    Ever reach into your bag to realize you forgot to buy more golf balls and tees? Now you have to bum golf balls off of Sammy Sandbagger the rest of the round. Well don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, we’re here to save you the trouble of remembering to buy your golf essentials. Join the Club and quit overpaying for Pro Shop golf essentials. Focus on your golf game and let us take care of the rest

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