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Pre-Paid Subscription Gift Member

One-Time Payment

3-Month Pre-Paid Gift. Delivered Every Month for 3-Months

Perfect for Father's Day & Birthdays

Every Box Contains:

1 Dozen Premium Recycled Golf Balls

20 Quality Wood Tees (2-3/4")

*Titleist golf balls will be free of logos & pen but will have minimal recycled sign. Although unlikely, all other brands may have minimal logos or player markings*

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The Perfect Gift For Any Golfer

How It Works

We'll ship your recipient the perfect gift to keep them stocked up with the golf essentials. They'll be forever thankful.

You Pay Upfront

You pre-pay for a 3-month subscription. Each month includes: 1 dozen golf balls and a stash of golf tees.

We Deliver 1st Box

Your first box will be delivered to your gift recipient within 5 days of purchase and will be wrapped.

We Deliver 2 More Boxes

After your first month, we will send your recipient 2 more boxes. These will be sent on the 15th of the following 2 months.


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