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We deliver premium quality golf essentials straight to your door according to your custom delivery schedule.
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You'll never go back. 

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Choose your favorite mint recycled golf balls. Add a stash of tees & AA cabretta leather glove to maximize savings & stack the bag. Everything has a money-back guarantee.

You're in Control

YOU choose how often you want deliveries. Don't need balls every month? No problem, change plans, skip a shipment or cancel anytime. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. 

We Deliver... For Less $

You'll save a ton of money. Your first box will be delivered within 3-5 days. After that, your Membership will renew on the 10th of every month & be delivered by the 15th.

What You'll Get

Recycled Golf Balls

These aren't from your shag bag. All golf balls are in mint condition. Golf balls will look and play like new, guaranteed. (Some balls will have minimum logos & player markings)
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Cabretta Golf Glove

We put in the hours to create a golf glove that fits snug, feels great and lasts longer than the competitors. Oh, and it stays cool even on the hottest Summer days spent on the course.
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Durable Golf Tees

Our golf tees are durable and stylish. They'll perform and look great at the same time. We use 2-3/4" length, the perfect length for most golfers.

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What Members Say

Balls have been great. I've had 2 shipments and they are legit.

Thomas C.

Ordered on a Thursday and received on Monday. If not for some logos on the balls, I would think these balls were brand new. You can expect more orders from me and my friends.


Great quality golf balls, very affordable and timely delivery. very happy..

Gary G.

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Our Top Seller

Titleist Pro V1 Club Member

The Pro Shop's Price: $80

Our Price: $41.49

-1 Dozen Titleist Pro V1 Premium Recycled Golf Balls 
-1 AA Cabretta Leather Golf Glove
- Stash of 20 durable & Stylish Golf Tees (2-3/4")

(Golf balls will be free of player markings & logos but will have small recycled sign)

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Our Gloves Run 1 Size Big

SizesSize In Inches (Length X Width)Our Measuring Lingo
SmallReally small hands
Medium Average Joe
Medium LargeCan palm at least 6 golf balls with 1 hand
LargeSlightly larger than most, but don't brag about it
Extra Large (XL)You can probably palm a basketball with ease
Extra Extra Large (XXL)Bear paws. Literal bear paws.