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Choosing the Right Golf Ball

We all think we need to hit the top-end golf ball just like the pro’s. But that’s actually very far from the truth. We need to hit a ball that fits our game. Some golfers need a softer ball; others need a ball that flies higher or spins more. With so many choices it’s easy to become confused. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ll break everything down for you.

 Low Handicap: Scratch to 9 (shooting in the 70’s or low 80’s consistently)

If this is you, you probably have a pretty good idea of the shot you’re looking to play and how you want to strike the ball. We recommend you play a ball just like the pros would: with a urethane cover. Your golf balls should also be 3-5 pieces inside. This will give you long distance off the tee and spin when needed around the greens.

Top 3 Choices

Titleist Pro V1

-Long off the tee
-Lower Driver spin: allows for straight flight
-Drop-and-stop spin around the green

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Callaway Chromesoft

-Soft Feel
-Great spin around the green
-High, long and straight off the tee

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX

-Greater distance and roll out
-Ball will fly straighter off the tee
-Accurate shot-shaping ability

 Mid-Range Handicap: 10-19 (Shooting consistently in the mid-high 80’s)

You’ve started to find your swing, now it’s time to capitalize on the course by playing the right ball for you. If you’re in this range, chances are you hit the ball pretty good, except for those blow-up holes where you hook or slice one or two into the woods. We recommend a 3-piece golf ball. These will give you a high ball flight, low spin and more roll.

Top 3 Choices

TaylorMade Project (a)

-Super soft feel
-More spin around the greens and less spin off the tee.
-Low compression rating which means the more distance you will get out of the ball

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Titleist NXT Tour

-Soft feel
-Shot-shaping ability
-Exceptional driver & long iron distance

Srixon Q-Star Tour

-Low compression for soft feel
-Long off the tee with little spin
-Perfect for golfers with a moderate swing speed

High-Handicap: 20 Plus (Shooting in the 90’s plus)

If you’re a high-handicapper STOP HITTING THAT PRO V1; your game will thank you and you can thank us later. The best ball to hit would be something that helps reduce spin. I know what you’re thinking “but I want to spin it like Speith.” Spin can be great; it can also be terrible. Spin produces slices and hooks. If you play a ball with an ionomer cover, you not only will reduce hooks and slices, you will also consistently hit the ball higher. These balls are especially helpful with those from a slow to moderate swing speed.

Callaway Superhot

-Soft feel with lower compression
-Higher ball flight and carry distance
-Limited spin off the tee- perfect for the slicer or hooker

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Bridgestone E7

-Pops off the club face
-Lower ball flight & less spin
-Perfect for the golfer with a high-swing speed but tends to hook or slice 

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Srixon Soft Feel

-Low spin
-Soft feel
-Long & high off the tee 

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