Quality. Playability. Aesthetics.

We only supply our Members with the highest-quality used golf balls on the market. All of our golf balls will look and play like brand new.

What does this mean? 

All of our golf balls will be free of:
✓ Scrapes
✓ Water-log
✓ Scratches
✓ Discoloration
✓ Weight-change

Our Cleaning Technique


We collect our golf balls from the top courses across the country. This means most of the golf balls we collect are only high-quality to begin with.

We put all of our golf balls through a double-wash process with a secret formula that is eco-friendly. We wash them once, scrub, then repeat.

We check them once for scratches, scrapes, discoloration, water-log and differences in weight. We then check them to see if the balls are aesthetically pleasing.



Once we run through this process, we pack up our boxes and ship them to our Members. It's all in a days work.