Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does your shipping work?

A: First-time boxes will arrive within 5 business days after purchase via standard shipping. Fast-shipping is also available and boxes with arrive within 3 business days after purchase. Renewals occur on the 10th of the month and boxes arrive by the 15th of the month.

Q: Why should I join the Club?

A: Quality. Convenient. Affordable.

Quality- Our quality is second to none. We only send our members the highest-quality used golf balls we can. This means no cuts, scrapes, scratches, discoloration or any other used golf ball stereotype. 

Convenient- We conveniently deliver the golf essentials to your door when you need them. No more searching the ponds or tee boxes for your next ball and tee. We've got you covered.

Affordable- All of our boxes are very reasonably priced. Since our golf balls are technically considered used, we can cut the price in half (or more) while still offering the same quality. 

Q: What is the quality, in look and feel compared to a new golf ball?

A: Our golf balls show no wear and will play the same as a new ball. No scrapes or scratches will be on our premium used golf balls. Small player markings and logos may be present on some of the balls. Learn More Here .

Q: I want to try out the Club, but what if I don't like it?

A: We are almost positive this won't happen but if it does,  we offer a money-back if you aren't happy with the quality. No cancellation fee or hassle.