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Our Mission With Carry Hope



What is Carry Hope?

Carry Hope is a non-profit designed to positively engage kids impacted by drug and alcohol abuse through the game of golf. Carry Hope provides clinics, mentoring, on-going instruction, equipment and a long-term caddie program. The aim is to develop a program that allows our kids to grow within it and learn and enjoy the game of golf.

"Simply walking a few holes can shed a lot of life’s stresses. By replacing that negativity with a positive, fun outlet we can teach kids how to handle that which they cannot control. Their home lives can be hell on earth but the course can be a sanctuary - all we have to do is provide it."

Christian Hafer, Founder of Carry Hope

How is Tee Box Club involved?

For every dozen golf balls we sell to our valuable customers, we will donate 3 golf balls to Carry Hope to help supply their students with the essentials to play the game of golf.