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High-quality without the premium price tag. 

How It Works

You'll never go back. 

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Choose your favorite golf balls. Add a stash of tees & a glove to maximize savings. Everything has a money-back guarantee.

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YOU choose how often you want deliveries. Need supplies monthly? Every 4 months? Every year? We got you. Change plans, skip a shipment or cancel anytime. 

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Your first box will be delivered within 3-5 days. After that, your Membership will renew on the 10th of the month of your renewal. 

Premium Quality Golf Balls Without Premium Price

Why Use Our Golf Balls?

They're the highest-quality.  They're affordable. They're shipped directly to you. 

No Scratches or Scrapes

Mint condition used golf balls only. We supply the studs, not the duds. Our golf balls are will perform like new, guaranteed.

No Change in Weight

We weigh all balls to make sure they aren't carrying any extra water weight. All balls will be free of weight change and discoloration.

Play Like New

Our golf balls will not only look new, they'll play just like new, without the new price of course. We offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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We offer a money back guarantee. Give us a try. 
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Why should i join the Club?
How does the Club work?
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